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Training for Insurance Professionals

Continuing Education Webinars


Insurance professionals have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, and continuing education is one of them. In a field that’s dynamic, highly regulated, and always changing, continuing education is one of the best ways for professionals to stay on top of trends in their industry. 

Plus, continuing education can help you expand your business and expertise to make yourself a more valuable professional. 

In some states, insurance professionals may also be required to take a certain amount of continuing education courses to maintain your license. Since licensing is incredibly important in the insurance industry, it’s important to know what kinds of continuing education you need and if you need to take continuing education courses. 

If you want to learn more about continuing education webinars, you’re in the right place. 

Advantages To Continuing Education Webinar

When it comes to continuing education, webinars are one of the best options out there. Webinars are a lot more convenient than trying to go to a classroom but are usually just as effective for passing along the information you need as a professional. 

Plus, since you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home or office there are a lot fewer distractions that could interfere with your learning. Feel free to have water, pen and paper for notes, and anything else you need to succeed with webinar learning. 

Webinars also give you the advantage of working closely with an instructor. You and your classmates will be able to ask questions and clarify anything that’s difficult in the content, which can give you a lot more confidence with new material. 

Plus, webinars are often some of the most up-to-date ways to get information since it's easy to tweak content to keep up with any changes in the industry. 

From a time perspective, webinars can also be better for busy professions for a few reasons. For one thing, webinar attendance and participation count for your continuing education credit. You don’t have to take a test after attending the webinar, you’ll get your credit just for taking the webinar. 

That’s a little different from self-study and other continuing education courses since self-study often requires participants to take a separate exam, which can be time-consuming and difficult to schedule around your professional responsibilities. 

The other advantage of a webinar is that you can take it from anywhere with a solid internet connection. That means that you might have a wider selection of courses to choose from if you decide to take a webinar, which can make it a lot easier to find a course that’s relevant to your professional needs and interests. 

What To Expect From Your Pre-Licensing Webinar

Knowing what to expect from a pre-licensing webinar can help you succeed in that webinar and make the most of the educational opportunity. 

When you take a continuing education webinar with Enterprise Training School Inc, you should plan on the webinar being in 2-to-4-hour increments. Tuning in and participating in the webinar is important to be successful with webinar continuing education.

Webinars are broadcast online and you should be able to tune in to audio through your device speakers, or with headphones. If you run into any technical difficulties with your internet audio connection, our webinars also have the option of calling in over the phone to be able to hear the class. 

Presentations are designed to feel just like a classroom course but without any need to take a quiz or a test after the class. As long as you attend the webinar and are present for the whole class, you’ll receive credit. 

Tips To Help You Learn During Your Continuing Education Webinar

Just showing up for a webinar class doesn’t always mean you’ll get the information from that course. If you want to take your continuing education seriously it’s important to be prepared to learn effectively. 

These tips and tricks are great for making sure you really absorb your continuing education content and are prepared for new specialties or changes in the insurance industry. 

Make Sure You’ve Got Clear Audio: having good quality headphones or a solid connection on your phone is important to make sure you aren't missing important context during your webinar. If possible, it's best to listen with both ears and have the class turned up to a reasonable volume. Avoid having music or other sound going on in the background so you can concentrate on the webinar. 

Don’t Try To Multitask: It can be tempting to multitask when you’re working as an insurance professional, and we understand that. But, when it comes to your continuing education, trying to multitask is a good way to miss important parts of the class. If possible, try to set aside time so that your continuing education webinar is the only thing you have to do during that time. 

Take Notes: Taking handwritten notes has been shown to help with knowledge retention, even if you don’t go back and study those notes later. Feel free to take notes during class, with whatever method makes the most sense to you. Try to keep things organized enough you can turn those notes into a resource later. 

Choose Topics You’re Interested In: A lot of professionals wind up doing continuing education because it’s required, but not necessarily investing in the new information. That defeats the purpose of continuing education and doesn't serve you or your clients very well. Instead of taking any convenient webinar, try to take classes that are genuinely interesting to you. Choose from topics you want to learn more about, areas of weakness, or things that have changed recently in the insurance industry. 

Feel Free To Ask Questions: Often webinar participants feel nervous about asking questions during a webinar because they are worried about irritating other participants or slowing down the course. The truth is that if you have a question, chances are someone else has the same question. Webinars will take the same amount of time regardless of questions, and some time for questions is built in. So, if you want to ask a question go ahead and ask. You’ll be improving the class for everyone.

Schedule Your Webinar Today

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your continuing education credits. If you’re an insurance professional, scheduling your continuing education ahead of time will help you get into the classes you’re most interested in. 

Schedule your insurance continuing education webinar, today.